Cambiz Amir-Khosravi

is an award winning video producer. 

His works have won prizes at various 

film festivals and broadcast

 both in the US and abroad.
His films are also part of the permanent collections of major museums and libraries such as the MoMA, (Museum of Modern Art) and The Kitchen in New York City, as well as in collections at Yale, Harvard, and Columbia Universities. 


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Congratulations for a work that deftly combines

the personal and the political.

Stephen Kinzer- All The Shah’s Men

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Howard Koch: You Must Remember This...

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Permanent collection of MoMA


Chinua Achebe:The Importance of Stories

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John Burroughs:The Catskill Guru

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You Don't Know Me...

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Best Documentary (Woodstock Film Festival)

Zach Sklar- Screen writer, JFK

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John Cage's  4'33"  

premired in 1952 at the Maverick concert hall  in Woodstock, NY. 

With Kyle Gann, composer and author of  "No Such Thing as Silence." 



Edgar Villchur:American Inventor

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